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Scholars' Papers: Preservation, Collection, Legacy

Scholars' Papers: Preservation, Collection, Legacy

Date: February 13, 2019, 8:30 to 10am

Location: Clinton Room at the New York Hilton Midtown, 1337 Avenue of the Americas, at 54th St., NYC

Over the course of their careers, many scholars accumulate significant troves of private notes, interviews, photographs, primary and secondary documents, databases, and manuscripts of completed and projected publications. How does a scholar, whether affiliated with an institution or not, ensure that her or his research is not lost? How do institutions and individuals assess the cultural value of such archives? What are some of the practical, financial, and legal issues that can determine whether or how a scholar's archive is preserved and made available to other scholars or to the general public? These are some of the questions our speakers will address.


Sally Brazil, Chief, Archives and Records Management, Frick Art Library, New York: "Frick Art Reference Library Acquisition Policies"
Sheila Schwartz, Research and Archives Director, The Saul Steinberg Foundation, New York: "Preparing Scholarly Papers for Public Archives"

Fausto Nicolai, Visiting Scholar, Art History, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, New York University: "The Frederick Mason Perkins Archive in Assisi: a New Source for American Collecting of Early Italian Painting and Contemporary Connoisseurship"

Avis Berman, Independent Scholar, New York: "Archival Ingenuity: Placing Scholars' Papers"

Session Chair:

Susan J. Cooke, independent scholar and CRSA Programs Director