SUGGESTED Guidelines

CRSA offers its own Guidelines for Issuing Scholarly Opinions about Authenticity, adopted in 2010.  In addition, other organizations, such as the College Art Association, have issued other sets of guidelines relevant to CRSA Members.


CRSA Guidelines for Issuing Scholarly Opinions about Authenticity

Note from the President

Thank you all for your contributions to the development of our new “CRSA Guidelines for Issuing Scholarly Opinions about Authenticity.” While the College Art Association has long had such a document, this is the first time the CRSA can offer our members detailed standards for the formulation and presentation of opinions when requested by the owners of works of art. While there is still some debate about certain procedures, the current document appears to be acceptable to our group as a whole. As time goes by, we can test it and make additions or changes when necessary. 

- Nancy Mowll Matthews, 2010 




The College Art Association AUTHENTICATION AND ATTRIBUTIONS guidelines were submitted by the CAA Task Force on Authentication, authorized by the CAA Board of Directors in October 2008.