Who can join?

While CRSA membership is open to anyone interested in catalogue raisonné work, we primarily serve scholars and researchers working toward a catalogue raisonné. We welcome international members. Europe-based researchers may also wish to contact the International Catalogue Raisonné Association.

CRSA functions primarily as a conduit for information and support, and therefore does not vet members nor does it endorse projects, institutions, or products.


What does CRSA offer its members?

CRSA provides a community for scholars engaged in research toward a catalogue raisonné. In addition to public programs focused on concerns relevant to the catalogue raisonné scholar, CRSA members have access to a listserv of their peers.


Does CRSA refer for services or vendors, such as lawyers or Appraisers?

No, CRSA does not endorse any particular vendor.  Members are encouraged to post to the listserv for recommendations from colleagues.


Is there a public members list?

No, we do not provide a public list of our members.


Can CRSA provide a list of best practices for starting a catalogue raisonné?

At this time, CRSA does not have a set of guidelines for new catalogue raisonné scholars. We recommend you visit the Resources section of this website for guidance on specific issues. Members also benefit from attending events and discussing issues on the listserv.


I'm a journalist. Is there someone I can talk to about CRSA?

Please contact president (at) catalogueraisonne.org for press inquiries.


I’m an owner of an artwork and I would like to find out if the work is in a catalogue raisonné or if the work is authentic. Can CRSA help with this?

CRSA is a professional organization engaged in supporting scholars and is unable to assist with these types of research inquiries. We suggest you reach out to the catalogue raisonné project directly or to the appropriate artist studio, estate, foundation, library, gallery, appraiser, or auction house. You may also access a list of catalogue raisonné projects and publications on the International Foundation for Art Research website here.