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Thank you for volunteering to submit a profile of a published CR.  Please complete the following form as it best pertains to your publication.  Answers to these questions will be used to compile a profile, which you will have a chance to review before it is published on the CRSA website. 

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The most essential resources for a catalogue raisonné project vary wildly based on the artist. What were some of your project's key resources and source material?
What specific challenges did you face in researching this artist?
How how much time was dedicated to research in advance of the publication?
What is something that emerged from the CR research that changes our understanding of the artist? Or, are there any particular revelations that emerged from the research that you would like to describe?
What content does the publication include beyond the foundational lists of artwork, exhibitions, bibliography and chronology?
What are the longterm plans for the project? Are updates planned?
Every project is different and has its own best sense of the important aspects of the work being done. Is there one or two additional points you would like to highlight for readers?
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